Is the foundation of PlayDay’s approach to delivering a stimulating, supportive and unique learning environment to 2-5 year olds.

At PlayDay there is an equal and balanced focus on intellectual, physical (gross and fine motor), personal, social and emotional development. Our aim is to facilitate the growth and development of all aspects of a child.

We believe good manners, empathy and sharing skills to be of equal value to a child as knowing their A, B, C’s and 1,2,3’s. We encourage our students to develop autonomy for self-care, supporting a can-do approach to basic activities such as putting on shoes and coats.

At PlayDay we learn about our world through themes which are incorporated into dramatic play, songs and rhymes, fine motor centres, crafts, games, stories, small world play and block play.

PlayDay acknowledges that every child is a unique individual with many wonderful qualities and potentials. By offering a broad range of activities and resources and allowing long periods of time for child-led play, PlayDay accommodates the needs of every child regardless of age or stage of development.

PlayDay is set in the lower level of the Lord of Life Lutheran Church. There is a quiet space for reading and this is where circle, show and tell, attendance, books and songs generally take place.

We have a designated block play area which is always available to the children. This allows for a high level of learning to take place, encouraging gross and fine motor development, problem solving, science, math and sharing and social skills.

Sensory centres such as play dough, sand, water, rice, dirt (the possibilities are endless) are always incorporated into the environment to promote the development of fine motor skills and to provide an activity that children can easily settle at.

Quiet Spots
Dens, nooks and quiet areas allow children to engage in quieter, solitary or small group activities.

Role Playing
There is always a role-play area available to the children which promotes the enacting of scenarios that encourage them to make sense of the world around them.

Unique Inside and Outside Spaces
We are particularly proud of PlayDay’s Outdoor Classroom. Here we firmly believe that children, being active learners, learn best in nature and the outdoors. Our outdoor space is our second class room and we try to utilise it as much as weather permits. Mud kitchen, logs, tires, water hose and eaves troughs, trees and bugs, allow for active, healthy, free flow playing and learning.

We are also fortunate enough to have access to a large kitchen where we can have fun with whole-group cooking activities. The children love to prepare a variety of recipes occasionally during the school year.

Throughout the indoor and outdoor areas, we provide a language-rich, stimulating, engaging environment in which children can play, learn, have fun and feel safe and secure.