PlayDay Program is a non-profit parent cooperative play program. This means that parents are expected to assist our teachers in the classroom on a rotating basis. In short, parents must attend 4 Toy Wash/ Meetings, facilitate a minimum of 4 to 6 Parent helper days and sign up for a volunteer task. Although not mandatory, participating on the board is encouraged.

PlayDay Membership Requirements
To have active Membership in PlayDay you must have a child or children enrolled in the PlayDay Program. Membership and participation in PlayDay is only valid if:

    •  All fees are up-to-date and all postdated cheques have been received for the ENTIRE YEAR. This includes the $60 registration fee, 5 – $50 parent commitment cheques, 1 – $100 commitment cheque and tuition.
    • A Registration Form & Emergency Card have been completed for each child enrolled.
    • A copy of your child`s Alberta Health Card has been provided.
    • At least one adult family member, parent or guardian has agreed to attend all four general meetings and toy cleanings.
    • One parent must fulfill 4 to 6 Helper days a year. If enrollment is low, parents may be required to do an additional day. The Helper Parent must undergo a security clearance every 3 years (cost will be covered by PlayDay).
    • Must sign up for one volunteer task per year.

Toy Washes and General Meeting’s
Four general meetings are held annually, one before the start of each term. At least one adult must be sent to represent your family. For safety reasons children are not allowed to attend, but infants under age one will be allowed in an emergency. All meetings begin at 6:30 pm, in the classroom.

If no one comes to represent your family, one of your parent commitment cheques will be cashed ($50). We have a no excuse policy. Please read the PLAYDAY HANDBOOK for more information.

Parent Helper Day
Being the Helper Parent is the best way to see how much fun your child is having in our program and it gives you the opportunity to see how he or she spend the day among friends. Younger non-registered siblings are allowed to attend when the parent is doing their Helper Day. A playpen and baby sling are provided. Older siblings are allowed to join the class if arrangements have been made for them with the Executive Board and/or Teachers.

You are expected to be the Parent Helper 4 to 6 times a year. Tasks you will be asked to do will include: cleaning the bathrooms, preparing snack and lunch, washing dishes, taking out garbage and helping the teachers with the craft and circle times as well as outdoor time.

A Parent Helper Day roster is drafted for each term, equally distributing the helper days amongst parents. Parents will have the opportunity to choose and sign up for their Parent Helper Day at the September and January mandatory general meetings.

Parent Helper Days are mandatory. If you cannot do your assigned Parent Helper Day, read the PlayDay Program Handbook on alternative options. If you do not show up for your Helper Day, $100 cheque will be cashed whether or not the program has to close for the day.

All fundraising activities are on a volunteer basis and are not mandatory; however, your assistance and participation is greatly appreciated. Money raised by our fundraising efforts are used to purchase new toys, classroom equipment and to pay for special events including the Christmas Concert and Year End Party.

Craft materials, toys, supplies and any other items are always welcome. Check the notice board or newsletter for a list of needed items.