Head Teacher
My name is Gillis Bell and I’m happy to be the new teacher at PlayDay! I grew up in a tiny lakeside community near Calgary with my large family and have lived in Edmonton for 17 years now.  I’ve spent the last five years as a stay at home mom to two children, one of whom will be joining me at PlayDay. She’s also very excited to come to “Momma’s school work”.

Prior to mommy-hood I have been involved in early education in a range of roles for almost 20 yrs.  I have a B Ed in elementary education with a minor in special education and a BA in Psychology with double minors in educational psychology and comparative religion.

Throughout my years in education I have been fortunate to experience a variety of educational philosophies and practices, and have some great mentors.  There are many ideas that cross over these philosophies. One of them stands out for me and has helped me build my understanding of how children learn best: the practice of building developmentally appropriate environments and activities.

Preschool is the ideal time for children to learn how to learn. They construct this knowledge intrinsically when given the opportunity to stretch their experiences through physical activity, social interactions, observation and their own active thinking. This is best achieved through child directed, uninterrupted play.

I love the preschool age. Watching a child develop and practice new skills over a short period of time is incredible! I’m so excited that I get to spend time getting to know your PlayDay children and help them learn new things to show you!