Executive Board Contacts:

President:  Click to Email
Oversees program and ensures it runs smoothly, works with committee members and delegates duties. Schedules and chairs general and committee meetings.

Vice President: Click to Email
Answers email and is phone contact for inquiring families, coordinates look and see orientations. Emails/phones parents with any special announcements.

Treasurer: Click to Email
Keeps financial records for the operating and fundraising accounts, prepares payroll, prepares annual budget and deposits all cheques.

Subsidy: Click to Email
Handles all vulnerable persons security checks and subsidy submissions.

Newsletter: Click to Email
Updates websites, coordinates newsletters and creates yearbook.

Fundraising: Click to Email
Responsible for all fundraising coordination; including recruitment and delegation of tasks for the fundraising committee.

Makeup Day: Click to Email
Responsible for keeping track of bonus and make up days, communicates with the teachers and parents regarding availability.

Events: Click to Email
Plans and organises our Christmas and Year End parties.